Security Development

Security Development

Security Development

The following are some of the deliverables our clients can expect as a matter of course in the process of risk mitigation:

  • Strategic Assessment Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Solution Design
  • Security Implementation Plan
  • Project Management
  • Policies and Procedures audit and/or design

In providing strategic assessment planning and consulting:

J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. will work with a client’s leadership team to conduct a comparative analysis of that company’s current practices with the best practices in security management systems, human resources, physical security, workplace procedures and crisis management plans. The detail of the scope of this proposal is presented in the following sections:

  • Project Management
  • Solution Implementation
  • Customer Activities and Responsibilities

Based on information gleaned, a risk assessment will be completed. The risk assessment is based on the inter-relationship of four key factors: Assets, Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Safeguards. This will provide a roadmap to the client on how to implement a successful security program.


Defined as the resources to be protected-those can be physical structures, intellectual property, and/or sensitive data. This is the major focus of the assessment.


Threats must be identified and frequency rates assessed. Measuring the seriousness of the threat and the vulnerability of the assets is very important.


Weaknesses in the existing system or methodology which can create opportunities for threats or intrusion are identified.


The following areas are addressed in reducing vulnerabilities and the impact of a threat occurrence:

  • Policy and Procedures
  • Physical Security
  • Electronic (Systems) Security

The J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. Report

The objective of a security assessment is to provide clients with a written report which identifies threats and vulnerabilities, reviews security policies and procedures, reinforces existing protocols, and recommends security measures and definitive solutions. We work with our clients to establish performance measurements, standards, tracking and reporting methods in line with your company’s requirements and expectations. In addition, the assessments provide budget estimates for recommended actions. Once the recommended measures are implemented, J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. remains available for needed support.

J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. IT Security Assessment Services (SAS) provides an objective platform for organizations to review their current practices in facility, cyber, and personnel security. The SAS provides a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of:

Relationship Continuum

We pride ourselves in our ability to determine the client’s needs and expectations and align those needs with the client’s corporate vision. We continually strive to provide our client’s with security solutions that blend with their corporate environment, resulting in a symbiotic relationship.

Security is a philosophy; one that continues to evolve at an exponential rate. J.B. Maclean Consulting Inc. continues to remain one step ahead of the security evolution and continuously adjusts our solutions to always serve the needs of our clients. To coin an aphorism; we are dedicated to using the  “Batman Equation”; a solution that cannot be seen, but is constantly present and working continuously to provide our client’s with total peace of mind.

All corporations and governments have an ideal dream or vision. It is our corporate mandate to ensure that this vision is closely met and continues to grow until that ideal becomes reality.

  • security policies
  • organizational security
  • asset classification and control
  • personnel security
  • physical and environmental security
  • computer and network management
  • system access control
  • system development and maintenance
  • business continuity management
  • legal and regulatory compliance

We share in that dream with our client and we will protect it at all costs, both ethically and financially. Technology has provided a reality where we can now protect all your IT security concerns, whether you are on land, in the air, or beyond our stratosphere. J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc., in its continuous quest to remain abreast and ahead of the security evolution, now has the ability to protect their clients much valued information from a cosmic perspective. Information today is being shared between individuals and organizations at an alarming and incomprehensible rate. This vast amount of information must be protected as it is being transmitted from every corner of our planet and beyond. We are well equipped to assume the role of “cosmic IT security guardians”.