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Brent MacLean

(Founder and CEO)

J.B. MacLean, founder and CEO of J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. has three decades' experience in computer security, forensic analysis and investigative research.



Network security is the practice of preventing and protecting against unauthorized intrusion into corporate networks.



A private investigator a private detective, or inquiry agent, is a person who can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigatory law services.



Information security, sometimes shortened to infosec, is the practice of protecting information by mitigating information risks.

Building Relationships

J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc

believes in trust, teamwork and the fostering of partnerships to achieve great solutions. The word “Trust” is integral to our professional practice. It is the very essence of a relationship and the foundation to openness, familiarity, fair business, ethics, quality, timeliness, and a host of other characteristics that build a successful business relationship.

Our Company

Since our inception in 1994, J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. has provided clients with excellent service and superior solutions, which have encompassed all dimensions of IT and afforded clients with “peace of mind”. Our clientele list is a testimony to our persistence and dedication to excellence in the field of security.

J.B. MacLean
Consulting Inc

is at the forefront of IT security. We view both physical and data security as a cohesive discipline. We regard the security of an organization from an integrated perspective and utilize a myriad of risk management methodologies to protect the vital information and resources of our clients.

Market Growth

Market growth is the increase or decrease in the size of a market for a product or service over time.

Continuous Benchmarking

Benchmarking is an external focus on internal activities, functions, or operations in order to achieve continuous improvement.

Consistent Methodology

A consistent methodological approach determines the skeleton of decision making and problem solving, so managers benefit from knowing the boundaries, requirements and expectations.

About Our People

At J.B. Maclean Consulting Inc., we believe our people make the difference. A professional, dedicated and visionary team, with diverse security expertise in threat and vulnerability identification, facility assessment, multiple investigative services, computer and network vulnerability and penetration testing, forensic analysis, private investigation, and other security consulting specialties, all work towards one common goal; data protection.

Our IT security experts build premier information security programs and deliver customer-specific, cost effective security solutions driven by our client's unique business requirements.

Our Corporate Mandate

J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. is a driving force in the security industry. We have transformed the general societal trend toward increasing complexity and fragmentation into a competitive advantage by understanding the development of customer needs. It is in our passion, desire and willingness to understand.


Security Development:

The following are some of the deliverables our clients can expect in the process of risk mitigation

The J.B. MacLean
Consulting Inc. Report

The objective of a security assessment is to provide clients with a written report which identifies threats and vulnerabilities, reviews security policies and procedures, reinforces existing protocols, and recommends security measures and definitive solutions.

Client Affiliations


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