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Brent MacLean

(Founder and CEO)

J.B. MacLean, founder and CEO of J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. has three decades’ experience in computer security, forensic analysis and investigative research.

Mr. MacLean received the Merit of Excellence from Ottawa in the area of security forensics and systems security for his work for the federal government, including the RCMP and the Canada Revenue Agency.

Now in the private sector, Mr. MacLean’s expertise encompasses fraud analysis, special investigations, forensic audit, and financial and security forensics.

J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. specialties include consulting, identity theft, security practices, disaster recovery procedures, forensics, investigative research and cybercrime, a growing concern across North America.

Recently, his company has expanded its services to encompass FedRAMP compliance across North America. This government security compliance standard will become the new benchmark for most corporations operating on the Internet in today’s market.

His company conducts security audits and consulting for growing businesses, organizations and government facilities, and high-level competitive security and forensic services for global corporations.

Mr. MacLean is one of the leading authorities on identity theft in North America. He expands security awareness on a global platform through articles, interviews and serving as distinguished guest speaker at conferences and corporate functions addressing internet security, ethical hacking, security solutions and – more recently – identify theft and biometrics for public and private sectors.

His work with the RCMP and other top government agencies, using his training and certification in Computer Engineering and Private Investigations, is unparalleled. He has devoted his career to being the “lone ranger” of security; apprehending the bad guys is his mission.

With the exponential growth of identity theft and cybercrime, his corporate services are in high demand. Mr. MacLean is regularly invited to speaking engagements to educate both the small business sector and large corporate enterprises. His current assignment is working extensively with elite law enforcement officials and captains of industry to make awareness and education more attainable to both the public and private sectors.

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