Brent MacLean

(Founder and CEO)

Brent MacLean (Founder and CEO of J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. and Canadian Intelligence Solutions Inc.) is a computer systems and security engineer with over 22 years experience in network / security / and infrastructure design and troubleshooting, as well as working for CRA and the R.C.M.P in areas such as fraud analysis, special investigations, audit, and financial / security forensics. In 1995, Mr. MacLean received the Merit of Excellence in the area of security forensics and network / systems security for the Federal Government.


Mr. MacLean is presently in the private sector serving the corporate community as a computer forensics and security specialist / consultant, dealing specifically in the areas of internet security, identity theft and biometrics. Mr. MacLean has also written numerous articles for the media, and has given several interviews on the radio. Mr. MacLean has also been a frequent guest speaker at various corporate functions across Canada addressing the areas of internet security, ethical hacking, security solutions and more recently, the areas of identity theft and biometrics for public and private sectors. He has created an international market for high level competitive security and forensic services for global corporations.

He is an adept problem solver with an exceptional leadership, organizational, and communication track record. He is an expert by bringing years of operations and security experience to the public sector. As a recognized security consultant, Mr. MacLean is currently one of the leading authorities on identity theft in Canada and in the United States today. He continues to diversify his expertise in the area of cyber crime; a growing concern that is becoming more significant and serious across North America.


As CEO, Mr. MacLean has received on-going correspondence and recognition from the House of Commons for his continued work and persistent dedication in the growing field of computer security, identity theft and biometrics for Canada.


At the present time, J.B. MacLean Consulting Inc. is composed of distinct practice areas specialized in, consulting, identity theft, security practices, disaster recovery procedures and forensics.


Mr. MacLean remains a respected security consultant with over a decade of practical expertise and 22 years of technology and managerial experience working with the federal government as well as with his private practice.


Mr. MacLean conducts security audits and consulting for growing businesses, organizations and government facilities. He is a trusted advisor to corporations, publishes international newsletters and writes articles on topics of critical interest in today’s media. His continued work enables him to expand security awareness on a global platform.


As Founder and CEO of J.B. MacLean Inc. for the past 22 years, Mr. MacLean helps provides corporate answers to the information security needs of today’s security industry. As a consultant and speaker, he also provides solutions that accurately meet current demands and helps control emerging risk in the face of global change.


As a respected media resource, he continues to build security awareness by taking part in various media venues, by continually providing relevant information to his clients and to the public through his newsletters in an effort to provide awareness of these growing areas of private and corporate concern.


Computer hackers who use their skills for the right reasons are classified as “white hat.” These white hats often work as certified “Ethical Hackers,” hired by companies to test the integrity of their systems. Others, operate without company permission by bending but not breaking laws and in the process have created some really innovative stuff. In this section we profile five white hat hackers and the technologies they have developed.


Mr. MacLean’s work with the RCMP and other top government agencies is unparalleled. As one reporter said “There isn’t a system, he can’t crack”. Mr. MacLean has devoted his career to being the “lone ranger” of hacking. Apprehending the bad guys has and continues to be been his mission. He has write-ups up on countless articles in the Toronto Star, the Globe & Mail, the Times and was premiered in “Security Matters” magazine’s first issue. He has a Ph.D in Computer Engineering and his finishing his formal licencing as a certified Private Investigator which he hopes to integrate into his corportate structure in the next few months. Mr. MacLean is currently the leading authority on identity theft in Canada and continues to manifest his talents in Canada and now has growing demands in high security levels in the United States. He was voted as one of the top “ethical” hackers in Canada. Due to Mr. MacLean’s experience and expertise, it is no wonder that he is currently is in high demand to the largest corporations of North America. As the Toronto Star proclaimed… ”He is in a class of his own. We are just glad he is on our side”.


With the exponential growth of identity theft and fraud on the rise and with the aid of biometrics, both off-line and on-line, Mr. MacLean is regularly invited to do a variety of speaking engagements with the prospects of educating both the small business sectors as well as large corporate enterprises. His current assignment is now focused working extensively with elite law enforcement officials, one of them being the R.C.M.P. and other captains of industry in an effort to make awareness and education of this area more attainable to both the public and private sectors. With the growing demands of security and privacy across the globe, Mr. MacLean will be expanding his corporate ties in the USA and overseas. Please note that this page will be continually modified, so stay tuned.


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