Brent MacLean

Corporate Services

Locate, Asset Recovery and Enforcement

Asset Evaluations The purpose of this service is to locate and identify an individual’s or companies assets, specifically a tangible asset such as property, bank accounts, equipment, vehicles etc. This service assists clients who have financial dealings with individual’s or companies and helps the client determine the fiduciary strength of the person or company they may be dealing with. In addition, this service is used for judgment enforcement to assist clients who have obtained a court ordered judgment which will assist a client to identify a tangible asset and execute recovery for that asset and enforce the court ordered judgment. This service may also be offered in a pre judgment scenario when assessing a targets financial strength prior to initiating litigation proceedings.


Locate Service

To assist clients who need to locate current address and contact details of an individual or company. Using internal and external resources, we can perform professional locate services to assist in all matters be it, serving a claim, or tracking down an individual for financial recovery services. All of our locate services are performed by experienced investigators.


Other Services

Phone number reversal services of a phone number (mobile or landline) and provide name and address or person or company that number is affiliated to.
Bank reference checks to perform inquires and determine account status.
Property searches and Complete Property ownership details.
In addition, all other investigative services are offered including, security, surveillance, back ground checks, corporate assessments and due diligence checks.